About Us

Know the Company You Work With

The EverBuilding Group was founded to provide people with expert, effective construction buildings. The owner, John Matthew Aguirre Sr., has seen enough charlatan activity and wants his work to be seen as the best in the state of Tennessee and beyond! His vision is for the EverBuilding Group to serve as great general contractors Clarksville TN (their main headquarters) and other cities in the region too. John wants the company to live up to its mantra, which is…

“You Dream It, We’ll Build It.”

General Contractors Clarksville TN Veteran Business

We’re a Construction Company for Veterans

Our founder, John Matthew Aguirre Sr., served in the US Army and that’s why we’re a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. This fact means a lot for many of our customers, because whenever they shop with us, they know they’re supporting the troops! That’s also why we partnered up with Operation Homefront, which is a 501c3 non-profit who assists our veterans coming home from warfare. Read more details about their company here: https://operationhomefront.org/

The EverBuilding Group prides themselves on being very versatile in the construction process. You’ll actually find a breakdown of the specific reasons to choose The EverBuilding Group on their “Why Us” page on the website. As general contractors Clarksville TN, you get their team’s help on anything you’d like for your home. Want to build an outdoor kitchen for pristine hospitality? We’ll build it! Want to construct a massive waterfall beside your pool? We’ve got it! Want to create a statue of yourself in the background as a monument to your greatness? We’ll figure that one out too!

Our general contractors Clarksville TN will step up to the plate every single time and provide the service you deserve. That’s why when you Google our company, you’ll find quite a few reviews praising our services. Read the reviews here!

Keep reading to also find out about what our core values are and why they are important to us as general contractors Clarksville TN.


Main Cities We Work In

Some of our core cities of service include Nashville, Clarksville, Hopkinsville and Bowling Green. We’ll certainly be able to help out in any city that’s nearby any of these larger cities, but for now, we’ll be staying in this geographic region. Don’t be surprised if you find us working in neighboring cities like Kentucky or North Carolina in the future!

Core Values

Every company needs to have clear, core values and our team definitely has theirs. While they may sound like core values that every company needs, we’ll describe how we have specifically applied these values into the inner workers of our company. Many general contractors Clarksville TN will talk a big game, but we actually apply these principles into our day-to-day business.

Quality Work

At the end of the day, this is what matters. Any general contractors Clarksville TN who are worth their while will be able to reliably build quality projects. Yet, there are plenty of construction companies who seem to fumble and stumble their way to a great end result. This is why reviews are such a huge deal, but whenever you search around the Internet, you’ll find very few contractors know what they are doing with reviews.

The EverBuilding Group has key partnerships with manufacturers and quite a few reviews that shine a great light on our company. We’re so confident that we’ll do a great job on your project that if you are not 100% satisfied with the end result or of any stage of the process, we’ll stop what we’re doing and address your issue with full focus. We are not fans of letting issues drift and that’s why our clients love us.


This has been a plaguing issue for general contractors Clarksville TN. Well really, it’s an issue everywhere in contracting. The new crew of employees in contracting has continued to decline over more than a decade and now, the guys and girls that are leftover don’t have great morals. An issue you’ll find in contractors is their ability to be completely honest. It’s almost become an unknown habit to fudge a little on costs for a job or on how long a project will take. Don’t you find construction projects taking a lot longer than expected all the time?

At The EverBuilding Group, we’re not fans of sugarcoating the truth. This is why we speak honestly with our clients.


We’re also transparent with our communication! We’re not trying to hide any secrets about what we’re selling or building. Part of our process involves providing an education to the customer about the process. These are some typical questions we’ll answer for our clients. What do the next steps look like for your project? What issues could we run into as the job goes on? When do the next payments come in? What other questions do you have with the job?

By serving as a transparent, trustworthy option for our clients, they trust us to do more work than they initially agreed to! That’s what happens when a company is honest and transparent and upfront with their work.

Efficient Work

Last and certainly not least, EverBuilding Group serves as the most efficient general contractors Clarksville TN. We were just discussing how contractors aren’t always honest with their work, and the biggest area of concerns falls onto their efficiency in the work. Builders are notorious for running into hiccups and stumbling blocks on projects. With delays occurring all the time on projects, how can we assure you that our company can deliver better results?

First of all, we conduct meetings on a weekly basis (at a minimum) to discuss all the projects and how they are progressing. Each project has a project manager in charge of the job. You have a dedicated person working on your project and ensuring that it will actually get done, as opposed to simply the business owner managing everything (which is the case most of the time). Then, you also receive updates from the project manager on a weekly basis about the status of the job. Therefore, you’re always in the loop on how the job is going, which is not a common thing among general contractors.

While hiccups and delays can happen on the job, know that you’ll never be thrown off by these regular challenges in construction. Our team is well-versed and prepped to handle the ups and downs of construction, to make sure you have an awesome end result you’ve been dreaming about.

About the Owner, John


John Matthew Aguirre Sr. is a veteran. He served for 15 years in the Army as a forward observer. During his time in the military, he served in Afghanistan, where he actually found his skills for construction. When they arrived in the country, there were no bases or bunkers built at all and John was part of the construction process from the ground up. He built the offices and aviation ramps and essential structures needed. Now, the Army had a home inside Afghanistan, where before, it was simply wilderness.

John also attended Bethel University in Tennessee for his bachelor’s in construction and logistical management and got his MBA at Louisiana State University. John is ready to make a name for himself with his talents, and construction is his way to do just that!

To schedule a time to work with John and his team at the EverBuilding Group, simply go to our Contact Us form or give us a call at 615.420.0316.